Single Mom Donates $1K Tip To Community Skate Park

Getting a huge tip from a customer can be life-changing for a server or bartender, but one Indiana single mother is using her big gratuity to help make life better for others. Anna Hofstetter was bartending at Hotel Nashville when an unnamed couple enjoying an anniversary dinner left her a very generous tip.

The couple started talking to Anna, who told them she’s a single mom who works three jobs to provide for her two kids. Their check only came to $32.40, but when she picked up the receipt, they’d added $1,000 and a note that reads, “Give something for the kids.”

Anna was blown away by the surprise generosity from these strangers, but she decided how to put the money to good use. She donated it to help build a public skate park in Brown County, so youth in her community have a place to ride and hang out. “So it is for my personal children,” the bartender explains, “But it’s also for all the kids in the community.”

Source: Fox News

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