Deputy recognized for going the extra mile

A California sheriff’s deputy is being recognized for literally going the extra mile to help someone in need. Lancaster Sheriff’s Deputies Chapman and Montanez got a call about a wheelchair being in the middle of the road, but when they arrived to check it out, they found out there was an elderly woman sitting in it because it ran out of power and she was stuck there.

The deputies offered to drive her home, but her wheelchair was too heavy to get into their patrol car and she didn’t want to leave her only mode of transportation behind. So they did the only thing they could do: Deputy Montanez pushed the woman in her wheelchair all the way back to her home, which was about a mile away.

His partner, Deputy Chapman drove the patrol car behind him and in a video shared to Facebook by the Lancaster Sheriff’s Department, he can be heard gently teasing Deputy Montanez as he hoofs it in his full uniform and boots. “You can pick it up, you’re only going about one mile an hour,” Chapman is heard joking.

Source: CBS News

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