BK Employee helps an elderly customer

A Burger King employee in Mechanicsville, Virginia was caught in the act … of going above and beyond to help an elderly customer. Elizabeth Chandler was dining at that BK when she spotted one of the restaurant’s workers walking an older man to his car, arm-in-arm.

Chandler was so touched by the sweet gesture that she secretly snapped a photo of the act of kindness and posted it to Facebook. “Shout out to the cashier at the Mechanicsville Burger King for making this world a little brighter #SpreadLoveNOThate,” she wrote with the touching photo.

It turns out, that stellar employee is Alexis Easter and it’s not the first time she’s helped the man, a regular customer known as Mr. John, out to his car. Alexis says she escorts him because he has a bad back and she makes sure he’s safe getting in. To her it’s simple, she says, "Always go out of your way to help others.”

Source: Newsner

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