Love Letter Reunited With Family Of Writer

While working at the Walmart in Dalton, Georgia, one day, Jennifer Hendrix and a coworker found an old letter on the floor of the store. It was postmarked July 30th, 1954 and was written by a young military serviceman, Max Holcomb, to his sweetheart Martha Young. No one is sure how the 64-year-old letter ended up there, but Jennifer was determined to get it back to its sender or recipient.

In the love letter, Max tells Martha that he’s coming home in 15 days and plans to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. Jennifer tried to track them down, but learned that both Max and Martha had passed away, but she was able to find their grandson Jason Holcomb.

Holcomb says his family didn’t even know the letter existed and he’s happy to have the touching words of his grandfather back in the family. The couple did eventually get married and their relatives are lucky to have this written record of their love back.

Source: Good News Network

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