Ex Wife Donates Kidney To Hubby Years After Split

They’ve been divorced for two decades, Mary Zeigler is still there for her ex-husband Bill Henrichs. The couple first met at 14, got married at 18 and then divorced after 24 years, but stayed friends over the years, even after Bill remarried. And when he needed a kidney recently, his ex-wife was happy to donate hers to him.

Bill needed a kidney transplant and was in line, but after 30 donors were tested and none were a good match, Mary knew her blood type was O, making her a universal donor, so she could help. After tests confirmed she was a good match, they had the surgery and the exes are recovering well.

The former couple know their story is unusual, but they hope it will inspire other exes to be kind and civil to each other. Mary says, “If this story changes one person’s actions or attitude towards their ex, it’ll all be worth it.”

Source: Inside Edition

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