New Dad Given New Car After His Catches Fire

This was a Christmas Travis Trent will never forget. He became a father for the first time when his daughter, Kennedy, was born on Christmas day, but he also watched his beloved BMW burst into flames and burn in the Washington hospital where his girlfriend gave birth.

Trent was sitting in his car with the heater running when he says the blower motor “made a screeching sound.” He figured something bad was about to happen, so he turned the car off and smoke started coming out of the dashboard. When the 24-year-old heating and air conditioning tech opened the glove box, he saw flames, so he drove up to the parking garage roof so his car wouldn’t endanger other cars.

After grabbing his girlfriend’s makeup bag and their new baby’s carseat, he watched as his car caught fire and burned. Luckily, his brother works at Sunset Auto Wholesale in Tacoma and when the owner, Nathan Craig, heard about Trent’s car, he donated one exactly like it to the new dad. It’s the same year and color as the old one and the first-time father is thankful.

“I’m overly grateful,” Trent says. “I would never have thought this would happen.”

Source: Inside Edition

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