Fifth Grader Saves Choking Classmate

A Wisconsin fifth-grader is being called a hero for his quick response to helping a classmate who was choking in the school cafeteria. Terri Mauel, the school nurse at Clay Lamberton Elementary, says a student named Ben was eating lunch when a piece of food got lodged in his throat.

Ben grabbed the shoulders of a nearby classmate, Chad Halbesma, who did back blows between Ben’s shoulders to dislodge the food. Some came loose, but he still couldn’t breathe, so Chad and a fellow student, Rowan, ran to get the lunchroom aide, Amanda Osterberg. She quickly performed some additional back blows until Ben could breathe again.

“This was a serious situation, and the entire lunchroom came to a halt when it occurred,” explains the nurse. “When Ben could breathe again, everyone in the lunchroom cheered and clapped for Ms. Osterberg, Chad and Rowan for helping save Ben’s life.”

Source: Fox 11

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