Kid Saves Grandpa’s Life, Gets Pizza As Reward

On the way to get pizza with his grandfather, nine-year-old Kazin Crisman realized something wasn’t right with the 80-year-old man. He says his grandpa, Allan Crisman, was struggling to start the car and when he wasn’t able to answer questions, the kid called 911.

That was exactly the right thing to do because it turns out, Allan was suffering from a life-threatening medical emergency. Somerset, Massachusetts police say Allan is diabetic and was experiencing hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Kazin was able to give valuable information to first responders, which helped them help his grandfather.

The story has a happy ending, the grandfather has recovered, Kazin says he’s happy his grandpa is still alive. And best of all? The police brought a pepperoni pizza for the young hero as a reward for his efforts.

Source: New York Post

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