Woman Outsmarts Kidnapper

A woman in Bloomington, Indiana who was abducted recently was one step ahead of her kidnapper and it saved her. The Bloomington Police Department reports that a 36-year-old man from Mississippi forced the 25-year-old victim to drive to an apartment complex at gunpoint, but she was able to outsmart him because he didn’t know the area.

Police say the alleged kidnapper, Travis Moore, knew the woman from childhood and the pair recently reconnected on Facebook. She picked him up in Mississippi and stayed with him at a hotel before they had a fight and he pulled a gun and demanded her friend get out of the car, police report.

According to investigators, the woman drove to the police station before Moore realized what was going on and she was able to escape and run inside for help. He then took off in her car, but officers stopped him and arrested him before he got away.

Source: Fox 59

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