"The Morning Caffeine" now has a logo!

Today I unveiled the new logo for The Morning Caffeine with Kyle Dean during this morning's show on Facebook! I wanted to write up a special "Thank you!" to the person that made the logo for me.

Aaron H. is the person that thought up the design and made the graphic itself. Aaron and I worked together a couple years at Minot State University and it was great that she wanted to make a logo for the morning show on KCJB. Aaron is an awesome photographer in the Minot area for the last several years and she even started her own business: Hint of Whimsy. You can check out her business at https://www.hellowhimsies.com.

Aaron asked what I would like in the logo and I said "whatever she thinks best that would fit a morning show." Well, the final product is AWESOME!

Thank you Aaron for making an awesome logo for The Morning Caffeine!

-Kyle Dean

"The Morning Caffeine with Kyle Dean" logo

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