Body Cam Footage Shows Rookie Officer Getting Ambushed In Fatal Shooting


Authorities in Sacramento, California have charged 45-year-old Adel Sambrano Ramos with murder after he was accused of shooting and killing a rookie police officer. Officer Tara O'Sullivan was responding to a domestic violence call and was helping an unidentified woman move her belongings out of the garage when she was ambushed by Ramos.

O'Sullivan was standing behind her training officer, Daniel Chip, as he entered the garage and tried to convince Ramos that the officers were not there to arrest him, even though he had a warrant out for his arrest. Officials released the body cam footage as Chip went inside.

"Hey, Adel, Police Department," Chip yelled. "You're not under arrest, you're not in trouble. You're not in trouble, dude."

As the two officers were heading into the garage, multiple gunshots rang out from behind them, and O'Sullivan was shot numerous times. Authorities released the video from Chip's body camera, which showed him running for cover.

"This is a high-powered rifle. Get out here now," Chip shouts. "We've got one down. Officer down! Officer down!"

Ramos continued to open fire on officers during a tense hours-long standoff. He was armed with multiple guns, including two high-powered rifles. It took officers 45 minutes to rescue O'Sullivan because they were worried that more officers would be shot. They had to wait for an armored vehicle to shield them as they recovered her body. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

After a tense eight-hour standoff, Ramos was taken into custody. He was also hit with charges of attempted murder of a fellow officer and possessing two illegal assault rifles. If convicted, Ramos could face the death penalty, though California governor Gavin Newsom has imposed a moratorium on executions in the state.

"This was an ambush-style attack on Sacramento police officers that lasted for hours. Under the most dangerous and trying circumstances, our officers performed admirably," Sacramento police Chief Daniel Hahn said.


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