Truck Driver Arrested In Fatal New Hampshire Motorcycle Crash


The driver of a pickup truck involved in a collision with a group of motorcyclists in New Hampshire on Friday (June 21) has been arrested at his home in Massachusetts. Police say Volodoymyr Zhukovskyy was driving his 2016 Dodge 2500 pickup truck west on Route 2 when he collided with a group of bikers who were riding east.

Seven of the bikers were killed and three others were taken to the hospital for their injuries. Two of the bikers have since been released, and the other remains hospitalized in stable condition.

Zhukovskyy was charged with seven counts of negligent homicide for his role in the accident. Police have not released many details about the case or explained what may have caused Zhukovskyy to hit the group of bikers, who were on their way to a charity event.

The deceased men were members and supporters of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club, whose members include Marine veterans and their spouses.


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