Public Notice: High Risk Offender In Minot - Allan Joseph Cook

For Immediate Release--Minot Police Department

On 10-07-2019, ALLAN JOSEPH COOK updated his registration information with the Minot Police Department as a SEXUAL OFFENDER showing he has moved within the city limits of Minot. COOK has been deemed a HIGH RISK offender that is required to perform LIFETIME REGISTRATION.

COOK was convicted on 02/01/2001 of 2 counts of SEXUAL ASSAULT.The victims were minor children.COOK also has multiple convictions for FAILURE TO REGISTER. COOK

listed his address as 225 22nd Ave NW (Economy Hotel) #115.He was previously listed as homeless in the Minot Area.

To see a list of Sex Offenders in your area, please go to

*The information in this release should not be relied on as completely accurate or be the sole source to safeguard against offenses in the community. Anyone who uses the information contained in this release to harass or commit any crime against the registrant may be subject to criminal prosecution.

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