Eight-Year-Old Girl Walks Miles Through Woods To Find Help After Car Crash

An eight-year-old girl wandered for miles through the woods in Georgia after her mother crashed her car. The young girl was discovered by an off-duty EMT who happened to be in the area on Tuesday (March 3) afternoon looking for items with his metal detector.

Police said that the girl and her mother were driving through Riceboro, which is about 40 miles southwest of Savannah, when she lost control of her car and crashed into a ditch on Sunday. They both managed to climb out of the vehicle and went into the woods looking for help.

The pair got lost and spent the night sleeping in the woods. When the girl's mother became unresponsive, she went off on her own to try to find help.

When the EMT found the girl, he contacted the police, who began searching the area for her mother. A few hours later, they found her, but unfortunately, she had died.

Authorities said they are trying to determine why the girl's mother crashed and why they decided to go into the woods.

"Why they walked out into the woods, that's a question that we're going to have to follow up with," Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes said. "We don't really know at this point."

Sikes praised the bravery of the young girl, who walked roughly four miles while trying to find help.

"She was very, very helpful. She's a brave little girl, and she's to be commended for her part in finding her mother and bringing this thing to a conclusion," he said.