City taking precautions after employee tests positive for coronavirus

The City of Minot is taking additional precautionary measures after an officer in the Minot Police Department tested positive for coronavirus.

The employee has not been hospitalized and is in quarantine at home. In addition, five other City of Minot employees are in quarantine at home because of potential exposure to the officer who tested positive.

“We have been taking extra measures to protect our workforce, but our officers are in daily contact with members of the public due to the nature of their job,” Police Chief John Klug said. “We are following guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control regarding quarantine and we continue to discuss other ways to protect our employees and the public.”

Minot Fire Chief Kelli Kronschnabel said one firefighter is self-isolating at home as a precaution after being exposed to residents who recently returned to Minot from another state during a call for service late last week.

“We’re taking this potential exposure seriously because our firefighters live together at work so we need to ensure that everyone is virus free. We’re following isolation guidelines established by healthcare experts,” Kronschnabel said. “This reinforces the need for members of the public to let us know before we arrive on the scene if anyone in the residence is in isolation or quarantine or has potentially been exposed to the COVID-19 virus so we can properly protect ourselves. First responders can’t protect the public if they’re home in isolation.”

SOURCE: City of Minot

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