First responders: If you’re self-isolating or quarantined, please tell us

The City of Minot’s police and fire departments are asking members of the public to inform dispatchers and first responders if anyone in their home is experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms or is in coronavirus-related quarantine or self-isolation to help protect personnel responding to an emergency.

If Minot Police Department officers and Minot Fire Department personnel are properly and responsibly informed, they can help reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by wearing personal protective equipment while at the scene of an emergency. Officials from both departments say their employees must be kept safe in order to maintain proper levels of service to residents.

“The Minot Police Department is committed to serving the community and we take many risks daily. That being said, we try to mitigate risks to officers to ensure we have a strong and healthy workforce to respond to the needs of the people of Minot,” Police Chief John Klug said. “We ask that people share any COVID-related symptoms, isolation or quarantine information so officers can take proper measures to ensure they are safe from exposure and still provide appropriate services.”

Klug and Assistant Fire Chief Lonnie Sather encourage the public to continue seeking emergency assistance when necessary, but strongly urge residents to inform dispatchers and crews on the scene if someone at the location is showing any COVID-related symptoms or has been quarantined or isolated because of COVID-19.

“If you’ve been ordered or asked to self-isolate because of recent travel or potential exposure, please tell the dispatcher and share that information with the first responders who show up at your residence,” Sather said. “If you are experiencing any COVID-related symptoms or if you’ve recently returned to Minot from being down south for the winter and are self-isolating as a precaution, please let us know that information before we enter your residence. We want to make sure our crews have the proper personal protective equipment to minimize risk to everyone.”

SOURCE: City of Minot

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