Minot residents asked to limit water usage until CO2 supply restocked

The City of Minot is requesting that residents continue to limit water usage while the Water Treatment Plant works to increase its supply of carbon dioxide (CO2).

The Water Treatment Plant staff worked through the weekend to secure additional CO2 after one of the plant’s suppliers was unresponsive to numerous calls to deliver its usual supply on time.

“We’re asking residents to voluntarily limit things like watering lawns, washing cars, or any other unnecessary water usage just until we have the usual amount of CO2 on hand again,” said Minot Public Works Director Dan Jonasson. “We anticipate this request will be for a short time. The Water Treatment Plant continues to operate at normal levels of water production and all water meets federal drinking water regulations, however the hardness level is a little higher than normal. I want to stress that the city’s water remains safe for all uses, including drinking.”

Jonasson said he anticipates the request to conserve water to last a couple of days, provided the water treatment plant receives its regular supply of CO2. The CO2 is used to balance out the pH levels in the City’s water supply after the incoming raw water has completed the softening process.

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