Construction accident causes natural gas fire, power outage

A construction crew struck an underground high voltage power line Tuesday morning, causing a nearby natural gas line to rupture and catch fire.

Minot Fire Department crews were called to 612 East Burdick Expressway. Upon arrival they found fire coming from a hole in the ground. A construction crew using a directional boring machine had struck a high voltage underground power line, which caused a gas line to rupture and ignite. A number of homes and businesses in the area, including downtown, lost power.

Utility representatives arrived on scene and secured the electrical power and the gas line. After the gas line was shut down, the rest of the fire was extinguished. Power was restored to most customers within an hour. Repairs to the utilities were under way Tuesday afternoon.

Several buildings in the immediate area were evacuated and monitored as a safety precaution.

No injuries were reported.

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