Update Regarding The Monday Night Grass Fire In North Minot

For immediate release March 30, 2021

Fire Department extinguishes grass fire near homes in north Minot

-Strong winds and abnormally dry conditions helped to rapidly spread a grass fire in north Minot on Monday evening. The Minot Fire Department responded to a grass fire in the area of 1131 1st Street NW around 9 p.m. and found the fire burning toward several homes. Firefighters extinguished the fire near the homes quickly, and then concentrated their efforts on the fire in the open areas. The fire was under control in 15 minutes; crews remained on scene extinguishing hot spots for another hour. Four fire units with 12 personnel responded to the incident. No injuries were reported. The fire was caused by sparking power lines. “Fires can happen quickly. In the current conditions, a carelessly discarded cigarette, sparks from a recreational fire or even hot exhaust from a vehicle parked in taller grass can cause a fire,” said Stuart Hammer, fire inspector with the Minot Fire Department. “Residents just need to be aware of the conditions and how their actions can cause or prevent a fire.”