The North Star Community Credit Union Cone Zone Report

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City Of Minot

Burdick Expressway -traffic will be head-to-head over the viaduct, and left turns will be restricted at Valley Street and 9th Street SE. The viaduct sidewalk will be closed at a later stage of the project. The project will also replace the street lighting and fencing. Two lanes will be worked on at a time. .

6th Street SW - lane closures due to street patching.

16th Street SW - one lane traffic/North/South

Railway Avenue - closed for due to the Phase 5 flood protection plan.

1st Avenue SW - closed for sewer repair.

4th Avenue NE - closed from 7th street NE to 27th Street NE due to the Phase 5 flood protection plan.(till the end of June)

7th Avenue NW - water main replacement project between 8th Street NW and 14th Street NW.


  • U.S. 52 passing lane construction between ND 5, north of Kenmare, and the west U.S. 2 and U.S. 52 junction
  • U.S. 52 passing lane construction between Minot and Balfour
  • U.S. 2 box culvert (3) replacements at the west U.S. 2 and 52 junction
  • ND 5 widening and overlay from the west junction of U.S. 52 east to ND 28
  • U.S. 83 northbound grade raise north of the U.S. 83 and ND 23 junction
  • U.S. 52 grade raise east of Bergen
  • ND 3 widening asphalt overlay project from Harvey North to ND 19
  • US 2 widening and concrete overlay project from four miles west of Berthold to near the west Junction of US 2 and US 52
  • ND 14 milling and asphalt overlay project from ND 200 North to US 2 and through Towner from US 2 North and west to the River Bridge
  • ND 37 overlay project from Garrison West to East Junction ND 1804
  • US 2 east of Stanley
  • ND 1804 milling and overlay project from CR 42 to 131st Ave Northwest
  • US 85 - Concrete Pavement Repair northwest of Williston
  • US 52 passing lanes, milling and asphalt project from Fessenden to Carrington
  • US 281 dull-depth reclamation, hot mix asphalts, turn lanes, and widening projects from Sheyenne to New Rockford
  • ND 30 structure replacement project near Sykeston
  • ND 3 milling and hot mix asphalt project from Rugby to Junction of ND 66
  • Westbound US 2 concrete pavement repair from Rugby to Berwick
  • I-94 Interchange (Exit 161) Reconstruction Project
  • I-94 Interchange (Exit 152) Sunset Drive
  • Memorial Highway Project
  • 80th St bridge replacement five miles east of W Junction US 83
  • I-94 concrete pavement repair and overlay project from the county line east to Dawson
  • Highway 1806 bridge deck overlay and concrete pavement repair project in Mandan from Heart River to Main St
  • Highway 3 sliver widening with pipe and culvert extensions project from Tuttle North to the W Junction of Highway 200
  • Highway 3 grade raise project nine miles south of Tuttle to near Hurdsfield

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