Woman Scared As Walls In Home Leak Blood

Houses provide great shelter, but with appliances spontaneously breaking or strange creaking sounds at night, sometimes it seems like homes have a mind of their own, and for one woman, blood of their own.

Lexy Chidester shared her story on Instagram, asking followers why it is that the walls of her bathroom seemed to be dripping blood. In her first video, she showed a crimson liquid leaking out of both sides of her medicine cabinet and oozing down her bathroom wall. Since she'd lived in the house for 20 years and never seen anything like it, she initially assumed it was her "messy" brother, but the next day, there was a lot more blood, and it was pooling on her sink.

Those who watched the video suggested to the 30-year-old that it is "time to move." Someone else said, "Satan is coming for you," while others were certain it was the work of ghosts.

Seeing the reaction, Lexy set out to get to the bottom of the mystery. In a series of clips that followed, she examined the medicine cabinet, she then removed the cabinet and looked behind it, she went into her attic to see behind the wall, she even checked if any pipes were leaking and nothing seemed to explain the bleeding walls.

Having ruled out most of the options, aside from ghosts, Lexy turned her attention back to the cabinet. They pulled back the metal and found that there was rusted metal beneath it. She discovered that if you don't have a fan for ventilation in your bathroom, rust on cold metal, when mixed with condensation, can actually liquify. That's what was "bleeding."

Of course, plenty of commenters are still convinced there is something paranormal at play. One wrote, "Still doesn't rule out ghosts." You can see more from Lexy on her Instagram page.

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