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Pre School advises parents not to call their daughters "Pretty"

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A preschool in the U.K. has some parents outraged after it sent out a handbook that directed them not to call their daughters “pretty” or “princess.” Bright Horizons, a nursery school chain with over 300 locations in the U.K., recently sent home the handbook, which also encourages moms and dads to avoid gendered language and praising their kids for good behavior.

“It is so easy to fall into a pattern of praising a girl’s appearance (‘You look so pretty!’), labeling her behavior as ‘good’, or congratulating her when she does something perfectly,” the handbook reportedly reads. It urges parents to instead “reflect” on how they’re raising their daughters, and to “eliminate gender-based references to your child, such as “tomboy” or phrases such as, ‘Young ladies don’t behave that way.’”

The British press and some moms and dads are slamming the handbook as “woke.” An unnamed parent of a student at Bright Horizons says, “They obviously have very left-wing views in terms of gender politics and think they are entitled to tell parents how to address their daughter and what to teach them about their bodies.”

  • Another mom agrees, saying, ““Bright Horizons is dictating to parents their own political views on how to raise their children.”
  • Former U.K. Education Minister Sir John Hayes has also called the handbook out, telling “The Daily Mail,” “This daft advice from Bright Horizons will darken the horizons of little girls who cannot be called pretty or dress up as princesses, and simply enjoy their childhood the way girls have for generations.”

Source: NY Post

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