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Exercises you can do while sitting at your desk!!

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Lots of us spend all day at our desks at work, and all that sitting can raise the risk for future health problems. But personal trainer James de Lacy is sharing his top exercises for getting fit and the best part? They can all be done from your chair at work.

According to Lacy, it’s best to address the issues that come from sitting at a desk, like poor posture, with a “proper exercise routine.” “Contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as poor posture, the trainer from Texas says. “The problem is spending prolonged time in a single position without moving.”

Lacy says these moves work the quads, hamstrings, core, hip flexors, chest, shoulders and triceps, and burn fat from the comfort of your office.

  • Seated leg lifts - These help strengthen your legs and core and can be done by sitting on the edge of your chair. Just straighten one leg and lift it so your thigh is off the chair, alternating legs each time.
  • Chair swivels - To do these, hold the edge of your desk and swivel the chair from side to side. This exercise helps strengthen your core and tone your abs and may even help your posture.
  • Desk push-ups - For this move, stand up and put your hands on the desk while leaning forward. Then lower your chest to the desk, and push back to an “extended arm position.”
  • Chair leg extensions - You’ll need your chair for this exercise as well. “Chair leg extensions are done by sitting on the edge of your chair,” Lacy instructs, “and extending your legs to roll backwards.”
  • Chair leg curls - These can strengthen your lower body and to do them you sit on the edge of your chair and “curl your legs to roll forward.”

Source: NY Post

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