Sex and The City and the Golden Girls have this in common...

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"The Golden Girls" and "Sex And The City" are both iconic shows about four ladies navigating single life. But now with the "SATC" reboot "And Just Like That" the two shows have even more in common -- the real life ages of the ladies of the reboot and of the Golden Girls from back in the day are the same age. And fans are freaking out at this discovery. TikToker @brownstonedmama posted a viral vid pointing out this fun fact, that the leading ladies of “And Just Like That” are about the same ages the characters portrayed by Betty White, Rue Mclanahan and Bea Arthur were while filming “The Golden Girls." Cynthia Nixon is 55, Sarah Jessica Parker is 56, and Kristin Davis is 56 (even though the TikTok listed Parker and Davis as 55 and 54, respectively). Meanwhile, when "The Golden Girls" premiered, the characters of Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche were 55, 54, and 53, respectively. Folks started debating in the comments why the two different generations of female stars seemed totally different in age. Some cited cosmetic surgery, fillers and botox as a reason, and others said that women in their 50s today have more options. But most said it all has to do with their hair, since the ladies of "The Golden Girls" all had their hair in set curls.

Photo:Getty Images

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