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Tips to prevent water lines from freezing.

**Minot Fire Department offers tips to prevent water lines from freezing**

The current cold weather is causing water lines in residential and business buildings in the City of Minot to freeze and rupture. Frozen water lines can create multiple issues that can be costly to repair. The Minot Fire Department is providing these tips that may help prevent unnecessary damage to water lines from freezing:

--Fire Sprinkler Systems- Sprinkler lines in vestibules, entryways and other areas that are susceptible to being ex-posed to cold air should have additional protection.

--Keep doorways clear of ice and snow so doors can close completely to prevent warm air from escaping. Place pipe insulation over the pipes to provide another layer of protection.

-- Safely increase the heat in colder areas to help prevent unwanted damage.  If you leave your residence for an extended period of time, set your thermostat to at least 60 degrees. Placement of a digital thermometer in the area where the pipes are located can provide an early warning for when extra care should be taken to prevent freezing pipes

--.Mobile Home Water Lines--These tips were provided by a mobile home service department repair technician: 

Place heat tape around the pipes and make sure that the heat tape is plugged in.  Place pipe insulation around the pipes as heat tape generally does not provide enough heat to prevent freezing on its own.

 Make sure that the insulation isn’t wet (indicating a leak).  

Ensure that the skirting vents are closed. Any air movement through these vents to the underside of the house increases the potential for freezing.

 Open cupboards and cabinet doors to allow the warm air from the house to circulate through those areas as well. Pipes run under those areas and the added warmth may pre-vent freezing.A little prevention goes a long way in protecting your property from damages. 

Any work done outdoors should be performed in short intervals with proper protective clothing being worn at all times. 

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